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How You Can Have a Window in the Shower and Still Keep Your Privacy

bathroom with window

A window in the shower can bring in a nice breeze and natural light, which can make your showers more refreshing indeed. Therefore, it is not surprising that windows are one of the most requested features in a home remodel. However, windows can also come with unwelcome attention from the outside. 

What can you do then if you want a window in your bathroom but still need your privacy? Here are your options:

Static Cling Glass Covers

A very clean look, these static cling glass shower windows are a great option to have an unobstructed view while still maintaining privacy. They are also more durable than you may think. Made from shatter-proof acrylic, you can use them without worrying about them getting cracked.

It’s also easy to clean. Just wipe away any soap scum and flecks of your body and hair easily.

Another good thing about these is you can even put it up to a hot shower for up to two minutes, and it still won’t break. You can even throw it in the car and drive around with it. However, it’s recommended that you do not do that.

Frosted Acrylic Obscure Panel

Another good option is a frosted acrylic obscures panel. As the name suggests, it’s a frosted panel you put on your shower door. You can install it easily using screws or double-sided tape.

If you worry about security, you can use screws and have a waterproof, secure window.

As for cleaning, you can wipe away any moisture and soap scum easily.

Frosted Glass Spray Paint

If you’re more adventurous and have more time, you can try spray painting your shower glass with frosted glass spray paint. It’s a temporary solution, but if you have the time to do it, it is a perfect solution.

All you need to do is to clean your shower windows first, then simply spray it with a coat of the frosted glass spray paint and let it dry under the sunlight.

This is a temporary solution, but it works well if you plan to sell your house.

Glass Etching Cream

This one may sound a bit crazy, but it’s very simple to do. All you need is a glass etching cream. You can try a basic glass etching cream that’s readily available in DIY stores, or you can also get a more durable one.

Simply put some of the glass etching creams on a small sponge and then apply it to the area you want to etch. Wait for about 30 minutes, then wipe it off.

Now your glass will have an etched design, which makes it more difficult for people to see through it.

Waterproof Window Treatment

And finally, another option is to install a waterproof and secure window treatment on your shower glass.

If you’re looking to add style to your bathroom, then you can try to install a curtain rod with a shower curtain. You can choose from a variety of designs and colors. Another option is to install a roller shade that you can easily adjust.

If you’re aiming for simplicity, a heavy-duty roller shade will do the trick. Another option is a simple shower curtain which you can easily pull around and secure to give you complete privacy.


There’s no reason for you not to get windows in your shower when you have your bathroom remodel done. With the options shared in this post, you know that you can address the issue of privacy in your bathroom. Go for the one that you think suits your best. You may also consult your contractor as they can give you their recommendations. 

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