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Remember These Basement Remodeling Tips before Construction

basement room

The basement is the lowermost level of your home that may be partially or entirely below ground level. While they typically act as storage or utility rooms, basements can also be living spaces or garages. 

A simple house extension is one of the more affordable ways to spice up your home and style it to your liking. It can also change how you use your new living space. 

Whether you want to add a simple glass box that reflects the rest of your home or a single-room extension, anything’s possible. 

Here are some basement remodeling tips to remember before starting construction. 

1. Go Easy on the Windows

Just because you have a room underground doesn’t mean it should be dark and lifeless. Installing windows can brighten up your basement with natural light. A ventilation fan can also help keep the air fresh and remove moisture. 

Adding a patio door to your extension’s rear can also add the outdoor feel but ensure to keep the elements out of your home. 

2. Make It into a Living Room Extension

Are you sick of your basement being a dark and dusty space? If so, you’re not alone. With some work, you can transform your basement into a livable area that you and your loved ones can enjoy. 

By adding extra space to the bottom of your home, you now have a perfect space to relax and unwind without altering your home’s layout. Adding modern furniture to store your old CDs can help too!

3. Have an Adjustable and Effective Lighting Plan

Another basement remodeling tip to remember before construction is how to get the most out of your underground chamber while saving money on electric bills. 

Most basements rely on minimal lighting since there’s only limited natural lighting in the room. And you cannot install the illumination you want because of the height restrictions. 

It’s crucial to plan for more lighting than what you need. Recessed or can lights work best for basement remodels. They provide significant amounts of light and tuck neatly into the space between the floor joists.

4. Use Effective Storage 

Your old basement usually doesn’t have several storage units. Another remodeling tip to remember before construction is to consider the closets or cabinets you’ll need for your old stuff. 

A small storage wall in the basement works best to help you put away things when you’re not using them or keeping old items.

5. Ensure Proper Moisture Management

Moisture is a significant problem for any basements, especially if your previous contractors built your home on a slab or you have a high water table. 

Elevating appliances several inches off the floor can give airspace between the devices and the floor and avoid collecting moisture. You must also ensure your floors, ceilings, and walls are airtight to provide air circulation. 

6. Cooling and Ventilation Are Essential

You might think that you don’t need to install a cooling system in your basement since it has minor exposure to the sun. Unfortunately, that’s not the case once you discover that cooler temperatures are not enough. Installing a mini air conditioning unit can help keep your underground chambers cool. At the same time, you need a ventilation system to keep fresh air and remove moisture. 

From Drab to Fab

We know our basements as the gloomiest part of our home for storing the old stuff. With suitable designs, lighting plans, and ventilation systems, you can transform your basement into an extension of your living room for your family. 

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