“Additions” is a catch-all word for a lot of different types of projects. An addition can be an expansion of your kitchen off the back of your house, a new family room, or as simple as a new garage.

Do you need an extra bedroom added onto your home for the little one on the way? Maybe you’d like to add an enclosed porch where you can enjoy the weather. When it comes to home additions, you need to have a licensed, experienced contractor to complete the work to make sure the addition looks great and meets all local and state building codes. We will also work to make sure the addition complements the existing décor of your home so people may not be able to tell there was an addition built onto the home. Call us to discuss the home addition you want to be built.

Benefits of Home Additions

  • You can add more space to your home
  • They can house extra family members
  • You can rent the space out for additional income
  • They add value to your home
  • They can be cheaper than buying a new home
  • Adds luxury to your home
  • Make the home you are in the home of your dreams