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Should You Design All of Your Bathrooms at Home to Match?

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Designing a home can be exciting and rewarding, allowing homeowners to put their unique stamp on their living spaces. One design question that often arises is whether the bathrooms throughout the home should match one another. 

Some homeowners may feel that a cohesive design creates a sense of flow and harmony, while others may prefer the freedom to explore different styles and themes in each bathroom. In this article, seasoned remodeling contractors share the pros and cons of matching toilets and provide some food for thought to help you make the best decision for your home.

The Case for Matching Bathrooms

Uniformity and cohesion are the primary reasons for choosing to match the design of all bathrooms in a home. This approach can create a sense of continuity and connection between spaces, making the overall design feel intentional and well-planned. Professional remodeling contractors point out that matching bathrooms can simplify the design process, as homeowners can select materials and fixtures in bulk, potentially saving time and money.

Another advantage of matching bathrooms is that they can create balance and harmony within the home. Similar design elements in different rooms can create a visual rhythm and a pleasing aesthetic consistent throughout the living space. It can be particularly beneficial in a smaller home, where the design is more likely to be noticeable and impactful.

Lastly, matching bathrooms can also be a selling point regarding resale value. Potential buyers appreciate the consistency and attention to detail and are more likely to make an offer on a home that presents a cohesive design vision.

The Case for Unique Bathrooms

On the other hand, designing each bathroom with its unique style can be a fun and creative process that allows homeowners to express their personalities and preferences. This approach can lead to rooms that feel special and tailored to the specific needs and tastes of the household members.

Creating separate bathrooms can also allow experimenting with different styles, materials, and fixtures. For example, a master bathroom might feature a luxurious soaking tub and high-end finishes, while a guest bathroom could have a more playful, whimsical design theme. This variety can be refreshing and make each bathroom feel like a bit of escape within the home.

Additionally, opting for unique bathroom designs can be a practical decision. Different bathrooms in the home may have other functions and users – for instance, a children’s bathroom or a powder room may have specific requirements that are best addressed with a distinct design. Seasoned remodeling contractors take these factors into account to create a space that is both functional and attractive.

Finding the Middle Ground

A compromise might be the best solution for those torn between matching and unique bathroom designs. One approach is to choose a few key elements consistent throughout all bathrooms, such as the flooring or countertop material, while allowing for variation in other aspects like paint colors, fixtures, and accessories. It can create a sense of cohesion while allowing individuality and personal expression.


Ultimately, the decision to match or differentiate the bathrooms in your home comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of your household. Consider each approach’s pros and cons, and choose the one that best aligns with your design goals and the overall vision for your living space. Remember that your home is a reflection of you, and the right decision is the one that brings you joy and satisfaction.

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