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5 Must-Have Home Improvements You Should Check Out

kitchen countertops

With these expert-approved upgrades, you can feel good about investing in your home and, ultimately, your quality of life, whether you’ve recently acquired a new property or are planning a long-awaited rebuild.

A combination of practical renovations will increase your home’s security and efficiency while also allowing you to customize it to meet your lifestyle.

Although some of these ideas require a significant investment, the result will be a more elegant, comfortable, and functional home. These interior and exterior improvements bring value to your daily life—and many of them are also good for resale value.

To ensure the best safety and compliance, check local building code standards before beginning any home changes or construction in El Dorado Hills.

Bathroom Vent Fans That Work Automatically

You’d be shocked at how many homes have out-of-date bathroom ventilation fans or models too small for the space. After a shower, an exhaust fan should immediately clear a steamy mirror and eliminate humid air. Look for a type with a humidity sensor that automatically turns on the fan. It saves you money by not wasting electricity if you forget to turn it off.

Some older homes have no ventilation or dump the exhaust into the attic or another room.

New ventilation will be a greater project in these homes, but you can be confident that you’ll have a system that avoids mold and mildew with no manual work after installation.

Kitchen Countertops

Countertops are an important aspect of the look and operation of your kitchen. They visually make a large impression, and they have to physically resist food preparation, spills, craft time, and frequent cleaning. It’s worth investing in new countertops if your cabinetry is good quality, but your countertops are an eyesore or difficult to clean.

Choosing a material like quartz, which was named the top countertop material in Houzz and the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2021 trend forecasts, gives your kitchen a contemporary aesthetic while making it more useful and easier to maintain. It’s also worth noting that upgrading countertops can impact the backsplash, sink, and faucet.

If you’re going for this compact kitchen remodel in El Dorado Hills is the ideal opportunity to go with brushed faucets, an under-mount sink, and a slab backsplash for an easy-to-clean look.

Patios and Decks

Last year, interest in outdoor areas surged, and homeowners are still looking for ways to improve and enjoy them. A new deck, large or little, is a simple method to increase the value of your home. It transforms into a versatile room where you may work, play, and entertain with just a few furniture and lighting pieces. 

Even though lumber is expensive and a wood deck may appear to be an unnecessary expense, its resale value is definite.

On the other hand, composite decking is long-lasting and environmentally benign, with a high return on investment.

Showers with a Zero-Threshold

Switch to a shower that doesn’t have the lip or edge of a standard shower floor basin to eliminate barriers and attain a sleek design. “If you’re creating your ‘forever’ house or upgrading a primary bathroom to enjoy permanently,” Jamie Gold, a health design expert, adds, “zero-threshold showers are a significant advantage.” 

It takes a little more labor and money upfront, but it’s worth it for future-proofing your investment, alluding to the advantages of barrier-free showers for the elderly and injured. This accessible design style is functional and elegant since larger showers are popular in bathroom renovations.

Upgraded Garage Doors 

According to Warren Wilson, general contractor and proprietor of Wilson Homes in Vancouver, British Columbia, an updated garage door is a quick and easy solution to boost curb appeal with many different styles. According to Wilson, a new door with greater insulation or windows for natural light can make your garage more pleasant if utilized for anything like a workshop. A garage door replacement also provides one of the highest returns on investment in terms of resale value, according to 2021 cost vs. value remodeling research.


Do you lack the current features and conveniences that a remote worker would require to combine work, family, and leisure? Perhaps it’s time to build a patio or turn a large closet into a home office.

Will the update make daily living easier, or will new and modern materials bring joy? Then it’s definitely a safe option, but the amount of money you’ll make depends on your market and how well you choose your styles. When in doubt, consult top-rated affordable construction services that can tell you what can make your home look better. 

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