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Indicators That Your Kitchen May Need to Undergo Renovation


One of the most significant parts of our home is our kitchen. Besides being commonplace for our meals, it is also where we may prepare our signature delicacies. That being said, it is only right to keep it well-maintained as much as possible.

However, things may not always go according to plan, and it may end up having to undergo a renovation.

The question is, “How do I know when it needs a refurbish?”

In such a case, look no further than the following indicators below.

1. The Cabinet Hinges Are Already Loose

This is something we can’t really afford to overlook and is also one of the reasons why home renovation is a must.

When it comes to loose cabinet doors and cabinets, you can say that this problem is a common one.

Not only do they unlock easily, but they also make a lot of noise, and it gets even worse when they are bumped by someone accidentally. The only way to solve this issue is by getting new cabinet doors.

2. The Paint on Walls Is Already Chipped Away

If you already live in a home that was built decades, it is highly likely that the paint on your walls is already chipped.

However, that should not be a good reason for you to neglect it.

To maintain the paint, you have to have them resurfaced once in a while. Paint peeling is one of the early signs of wear and tear.

3. Your Kitchen Floor Tiles Are Filled with Cracks or Holes

When it comes to cracks and holes in your kitchen floor tiles, you have to address the problem immediately.

It can be a breeding ground for bacteria and insects. You may also be prone to slipping or falling.

The only solution would be to have the floor tiles completely resurfaced.

4. The Stove’s Burners Are Already Broken

If your stove is already broken, that’s another good reason to have it repaired or replaced.

In a scenario where your burners are already broken, you will find it hard to use the stove for its intended purpose.

Furthermore, it is also very dangerous.

5. Your Kitchen Sinks Are Filled with Scratches

When it comes to sink bowls, you can say that they are one of the most vulnerable parts of your kitchen.

After all, it is where you wash your utensils, and you are most likely to drop them on a regular basis.

When this happens, not only do you need to replace the sink bowls, but you also have to address a few other issues, such as leaky faucets and corroded pipe connectors.

6. The Countertops Are Always Cluttered

When you have a lot of appliances and other kitchen utensils, and you can’t seem to find a space to put them all, you have a problem that needs to be addressed.

These can be in the form of broken items, stacked items, and old items.

That is because you need to maximize the space that you have.


When you see these tell-tale signs, and they begin to manifest inconveniences in your kitchen, it is only right that you consider its renovation.

It can be your call to either start-up the renovation process or replace all the broken amenities. You can also choose to have it redecorated or simply have everything refurbished early on.

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