Metal BuildingInstalling pre-engineered steel buildings is becoming a popular method in the current building sector because steel buildings are both speedy and economical to construct.

Terra Inc. is the premier contractor of metal buildings and structures for the supply and production sectors, in addition to the mining sector. We’ve assembled steel buildings and structures for quarries, mines, wastewater treatment plants, concrete plants, as well as in a number of other business areas.

We excel in the construction of steel framed buildings of varying types. We are a group of dedicated and talented individuals who are able to take on projects of all sizes, complexity and industry types. We always use premium construction methods and materials to ensure that our final product is one to be proud of for generations to come.

Pre-engineered metal building systems are utilized with great effect in universities, warehouses, manufacturing plants, food-processing facilities, and freezer uses. Sometimes, a pre-engineered steel building is the only feasible option.

Steel buildings are an ideal way to protect your assets. Available in a wide array of styles and designs to choose from, steel buildings are not the same old garages of previous years.

Today’s structures are elegant, fashionable, and can be expanded for developing demands. With a wide range of floor plans, it is possible to select from a completely developed prefab building or have one created to suit your requirements.

Advantages of steel buildings:

* Energy and cost efficient

* Low maintenance

* Speedy construction

These steel structures are economical, especially when compared to the conventional timber building. You are going to save on the price of the material, as well as on the construction costs.

Our steel structures are prefabricated in the factory and then sent to the work site in sections. These parts are simple to put together, which may speed up the construction process.

The energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements of steel buildings may possibly surprise you. These designs are fire and mold resistant and don’t attract termites. In addition, they tend not to need continuous attention.

Pre-fabricated metal buildings are best suited for:

  • Light industrial facilities
  • Warehouses/Garages
  • Commercial buildings
  • Hangars and many other uses

Our metal structures can also be exceptionally resistant to harsh weather. They may be rust resistant and can be constructed to resist the powerful winds of a storm. From pre-fabricated houses to mini-malls, these designs would be the best option.

Metal roofing is extremely appealing, as well as being the most durable roofing product in the marketplace. Steel rooftops are almost completely resistant to many disastrous weather events, including heavy snowfall, wind-driven rains, intense heat, and hurricanes, as well as fires.

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