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Remodeling Vs. Moving

Remodeling Vs. Moving

Remodel Or Move? How To Decide If Your Home Is Worth A Renovation


When your house is showing signs of aging or starts to feel a bit small for your family the question of should I start remodeling or should I consider moving starts to roll around any homeowner’s head. Whichever option you take you will need the assistance of a professional, if in the greater Placerville area and surrounding El Dorado County cities, look for home renovation contractors, they will get you an expert hand, from your kitchen to the porch.

Deciding on A Renovation

Before you start packing, take some time to plan, think of the upgrades you need and what are you willing to pay, as an example, you might need an extra room or bathroom for the kids, or dinner with the family is getting too tight and a bigger dining room seems like an essential for your day to day then you might want to look into remodeling costs, these might actually increase your property value but also allow you to stay comfortably where you are.

The Costs

In order to get a real understanding of the costs of remodeling, you must get assistance of a professional, getting in touch with a local contractor will give you a general idea of the total amount to be invested, in the short run, remodeling could be a most cost-effective option, probably not as thrilling as buying a new house, but can solve your needs satisfactorily.


Moving costs, in the end, can be very high, several factors add up and must be taken into consideration. A real estate agent will take a percentage of the cost of your current house, you might have to pay for closing costs on both homes, upgrades that might be needed (floor, paint, cabinets etc.) and last the cost and hassle of actually moving.

Real Estate Value

Given the current situation on the El Dorado County home market with prices rising every year, finding the one that meets your family needs might come to a high price tag. Another disadvantage of moving, if you love the area where you live, is that the house you’re looking for (and that you can afford) might not be near your current place, plus if your home is in your heart you might regret the decision of moving at the moment you sit in your new one. To close the bad news, you might leave your place for something that is not necessarily is what you want and need, sometimes anxiety can kick in and you will close a deal for a place that is not really that.


If you take all of this in consideration you might want to stay at the place you currently call home and remodel, this is not stress-free, but if well planned you can remodel your house to fit your family needs and not sacrifice the memories you’ve built in it. Once you have the list of needs and the information for the contractors, you have to focus your budget correctly.


Once you are ready to start remodeling your house get in touch with a professional, check the website to find the best contractor in the El Dorado city area.


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