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Signals That Your House Needs New Siding the Soonest!

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Construction of a home’s siding protects you and your family against the constant weather elements on its own, but you should always call a siding contractor to keep it safe. A professional contractor should inspect your siding regularly because problems could arise from any source. 

For instance, damage and deterioration can result from a recent storm, so it makes sense to repair or replace damaged siding before further damage occurs to the rest of your home. You might also need to install siding if you have just bought an older home or are preparing to sell your home in a few years. 

Some materials will cost more than others, but you will probably get back more than half the project cost once you’ve sold your property. It’s also important to note that some issues with your current siding might not be evident until a trusted contractor has inspected it. Regular maintenance should spot these problems before they get out of hand and require more costly repairs.

However, when does the time for repairs end, and when does new construction begin? Watch out for the following signals in your home:

Fading Colors

Although you may feel secure with the material you’ve chosen for your home’s exterior; faded colors signify that it’s time for a replacement. If your siding fades, it indicates near the end of its lifespan. And without the right kind of protection, your home is more vulnerable to the elements, which can be costly in the long run. To avoid paying for expensive repairs, get some expert advice on choosing a siding material with improved resistance to fading and replace it as soon as possible.


Having peeling paint or loose wallpaper inside your home can indicate that you have damaged siding. This is caused by moisture getting in between the siding and your home. It can eventually damage the interiors of your home, forcing you to pay for more preventable repairs had you noticed this problem sooner. If you see that you’re having this problem in your home, find out how bad the damage is to decide whether or not to replace the siding.

Shockingly High Electric Bills

If your home doesn’t have any visible damage but keeps getting higher monthly energy bills, you might have a problem with insulation, not consumption. You should first rule out issues with the roof structure, your attic, and the ducts. 

But if you see that there is no visible damage to your roofing or attic, but you are still seeing higher energy bills, it could be that the siding of your home is poorly insulated.

Zero Maintenance

If you’ve found that maintaining your current siding takes too much of your time, you might need to replace it. However, new siding construction is a job for a contractor, and the upkeep will probably take some of your time. You could get someone to take care of everything, but if you want to wash the siding yourself, inspecting and maintaining it is usually done only once or twice a year, which means cleaning it is mainly left to you. 

Whether you’re getting busier or you want more time for other activities, installing certain siding materials could benefit you in the long run. For instance, low-maintenance vinyl siding doesn’t need to be refinished every few years, and all you’ve got to do is wash it off with a garden hose once in a while. Vinyl siding is also available in different colors and styles, so you won’t have trouble finding the right design to suit your home’s architecture.


Don’t delay if you see these signs throughout your home or siding. The time for repairing it has passed. You’ll need new siding construction to reverse these problems and keep your home protected for a longer time. 

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