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Home Improvement: 6 Signs Your Bathroom Should Be Remodeled


All rooms are essential to ensure their full living functionality in any home. However, some can argue that some rooms are more important than others. One perfect example of this is the bathroom, where one can freshen up. However, like many things, a bathroom can only last for so long, and the time will come when it needs to be remodeled.

Remodeling a bathroom is necessary for various reasons, such as increased functionality and the home’s value. Aside from that, a remodeling project may also be required because the homeowner wants to put in some personal touches. However, it’s also costly, so many people put off bathroom remodels. A homeowner can only resist for so long, and there will be signs that it will be necessary. These include:

#1 – The Design Looks Old

In most cases, homeowners want to spend as little as they can get away with without compromising the design or quality of their homes. However, as time passes, one’s taste may change. It’s almost a given that one’s tastes will change over time. This can especially be true if one is a young homeowner eager to bring their stamp on the home.

A bathroom remodel can be an excellent antidote for this problem. All a homeowner has to do is change the bathroom’s structure, and the rest of the design can stay the same. For instance, if the homeowner likes it simple, a bathroom remodel can involve switching the tub for a shower or getting rid of a window in favor of a curtain.

#2 – Leaking Fixtures

While a bathroom may not be the most high-traffic room in the house, it does get used. It also means that it’s exposed to the elements, which can compromise its structure over time. In particular, the fixtures can get damaged, so it’s not uncommon to find leaking faucets, drippy showerheads, and leaky pipes.

A bathroom remodel can help repair the faucets, replace the showerhead, and re-pip the entire structure. Of course, the homeowner’s finances will dictate the extent of the remodeling project.

#3 – Visible Cracks

Due to the materials and structures used, cracks will inevitably appear in a bathroom. The tub, shower stall, and walls may develop big cracks. This is worrisome because cracks can show bigger problems lurking beneath the surface.

Cracks are not just unsightly because they can get bigger and lead to structural problems. A remodel can replace the cracking fixtures or repoint the walls, saving the homeowner a lot of money in the long run.

#4 – Dysfunctional Layout

A bathroom’s layout plays a vital role in its functionality. A homeowner needs to think of all of the things they need to do in the bathroom and make sure that the bathroom’s layout accommodates these needs. This means placing the bathtub or shower stall in a spot where it can accommodate bathing and placing the sink in a spot where it’s convenient for hand washing.

#5 – Lack of Bathroom Storage Space

While one may want to spend as much time in the bathroom, they will inevitably have to leave sooner or later. This means that they need to store their belongings somewhere before they go.

However, one common bathroom problem is that there is no place where one can store their belongings. If there is no place to keep one’s belongings, it can get to the point where there’s no space left for toiletries. Therefore, a bathroom remodel is an excellent way to solve this because it can provide more storage space for toiletries.

#6 – Mold Presence

Of course, it’s not just the fixtures vulnerable to cracks. The walls can also be prone to cracking over the years. Aside from affecting the bathroom’s looks, cracks in the walls can also signify that moisture is seeping in. This means that mold is likely to grow in the bathroom, which is unsightly and a potential health hazard.

Mold is also a sign that your bathroom’s structure is compromised. A bathroom remodel will help solve the moisture problem and remove the mold so that you can breathe clean air.


Bathroom remodeling is not something that should be taken lightly. Before embarking on a bathroom remodel, one needs to consider the extent of the remodel and the long-term effects on the budget. Since the bathroom is one of the essential rooms in a home, it’s vital to make the decision carefully to ensure its longevity.

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